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Providing the latest updates, news, and insights into our brand and the world of Korean red ginseng.

CheongKwanJang is a leading global brand specializing in premium Korean red ginseng products. As a pioneer in the ginseng industry for over a century.

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Korea Ginseng Corp. Unveils Innovative Guerilla Marketing Approach with HSW Sparkling Herbal Beverages
From 626 to Farmers' Markets: The Direct Impact of the HSW Trailer Proactive Localization: The Korea Ginseng Corp. Trailer Roadshow HSW Herba...
Korea Ginseng Corp. and Kabuki Host Grand Launch of Korean Red Ginseng Cuisine: Elevating the 'Food as Medicine' Trend to the Next Level
Culinary Fusion: Blending Asian Heritage and Health with Kabuki's Korean Red Ginseng Cuisine Mastering the Wellness Landscape: The Power of Food as...
Expanding Global Presence: Korea Ginseng Corp. Leads in Guerrilla Marketing From New York Times Square and Rockefeller Center to LA Street Fair, Taking the Lead in Capturing the U.S. Herbal Market
Innovative Relay Event Introduces Korean Ginseng  Across to the East and West Coast with Billboard Ads Featuring Hollywood Stars Arden Cho and Kieu...
CheongKwanJang, No. 1 In The Global Ginseng Market For 10 Consecutive Years
Records No. 1 brand in global ginseng retail market sales in 2022, compiled by Euromonitor Records sales of approximately USD 1.038 billion in 2022...
Korea Ginseng Corp. hosts sponsorship signing ceremony with LPGA star Andrea Lee
The world’s #1 ginseng brand is the ideal match for the world-class LPGA star Red ginseng is favored by the sports star due to its fatigue fighting...
For a range of healthy herbal beverages, Korea Ginseng Corp. launches new ‘K-drink’ at Manhattan's Ginseng Museum Café and expands HSW line with sparkling summer beverages.
Ginseng Museum Café, NYC’s one-of-a-kind café, now offers vital tonic on draft KGC adds new hydrating sparkling ginseng drink to their HSW line-up ...
Korea Ginseng Corp. Sponsors Premier Awards Event Honoring Asian and Pacific Islander American Women in Hollywood
Partners with Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment(CAPE) to Showcase KORESELECT Brands KORESELECT products are designed to meet U.S consum...
The World’s #1 Ginseng Brand, CheongKwanJang, opens U.S. R&D center in a major push to expand its American market share.
Their state-of-the-art R&D Center will focus on research and development products to global appeal A series of brand expansion, including the ...
Korea Ginseng Corp., the World’s No. 1 Ginseng Brand, selects Hollywood actress Arden Cho to be their brand ambassador

Still photos released from the upcoming “The Secret to My Health and Beauty” advertising campaign, pairing flagship K-herb brand Korea Ginseng Corp. with Arden Cho, the star of Netflix's Partner Track.

CERRITOS, CALIFORNIA, FEBRUARY 2023 – Korea Ginseng Corp., the world’s no.1 ginseng brand and K-herb brand, has teamed up with Hollywood star Arden Cho to promote its place in the U.S. market. To tease the debut of their upcoming advertising campaign, entitled "The Secret to My Health and Beauty", the company has released snapshots of Arden at work in her new position.

Korea Ginseng Corp. enhances its reputation as a leading herbal dietary brand by revealing a new set of stocking stuffers
To commemorate its 123rd anniversary, Korea Ginseng Corp. has launched a new set of Koreselect online products, available exclusively online This...

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