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Ginseng 101

Ginseng 101 Blog CheongKwanJang

Designed to be the ultimate guide to understanding everything needed to know about ginseng and its remarkable properties and benefits.

CheongKwanJang is a leading global brand specializing in premium Korean red ginseng products. As a pioneer in the ginseng industry for over a century.

Ginseng 101 Blogs

Korean Ginseng for Skin Care Part 2

Although most of the research surrounding ginseng is focused on the wonder herb’s anti-aging benefits—it is also believed that Korean red ginseng is highly beneficial for treating acne.

Korean Ginseng for Skin Care Part I
Ginseng has been used in traditional medicine in eastern Asia for over 2000 years, where it is taken orally (mostly via tea and tinctures) to treat various diseases. But many people don’t know that it has also been used in topical applications to heal wounds and treat skin inflammation.
Ways to Fight Maskne for Men
Prolonged wear of surgical masks can be uncomfortable and can cause acne. Here are tips to prevent getting ‘maskne.’
What Makes CheongKwanJang Ginseng Different?
Korean Red Ginseng can help support healthy diet and exercise. Korea Ginseng Corp sells the best Korean red ginseng.  Our product is differentiated...
Health Benefits of Ginseng for Menopause Relief
Ginseng can be a source of menopause relief for older women. Korea Ginseng Corp’s products use the best Korean red ginseng.  Our product stands ou...
Historical Uses of Ginseng
Korea Ginseng Corp’s Korean red ginseng products are the perfect complement to a healthy diet. Ginseng has been used for millennia to promote heal...
Donginbi Cosmetics
The fountain of youth is a concept that many individuals believe to be the key to the future of stalling the aging process, while others believe th...
How to Moisturize Dry Flaky Hands
February, like January, is traditionally a cold month all over the country, making rough and cracked hands a common problem. This is because the l...
Ways to Manage Chapped Lips
Chapped lips or cheilitis is a common painful problem, but there are easy remedies that can prevent and relieve them. Most people suffer from chapp...
Korean Red Ginseng and Its Skin Care Benefits – Part 1
Ginseng had long been used by Asian countries for centuries. It has been used for both medicinal purposes and as a tonic and has always been percei...

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