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Donginbi Cosmetics

Donginbi Cosmetics

The fountain of youth is a concept that many individuals believe to be the key to the future of stalling the aging process, while others believe that the fountain of youth is a myth.  Whichever side of the debate you are on, there is one thing that can be certainly in agreement among all:  youth is ever evading, and any type of natural remedy to stall the progression of the aging process while maintaining youth and beauty is one of much desire. 

There are a dime a dozen of beauty products on the market that claim their product will halt the aging process and promote youth and beauty.  However, some of these products claims are not verifiable and have not true medical data to back up these such claims.  

That is why, it is so important that when choosing these beauty products to perform research and find those products that have been backed by medical data.  The Korea Ginseng Corp has developed some of the highest quality and most pure Korean Red Ginseng incorporated into their cosmetics.  These cosmetics have the best Korean Red Ginseng. The Donginbi Cosmetics created by Korea Ginseng Corp is a multi-step process that promotes anti-aging that contains targeted treatments unique to each individual. These targeted treatments contain the highest quality concentration of 1899 Red Ginseng Oil.  Other ginseng supplements can offer great benefits to the skin as well. 

Donginbi Cosmetics: Donginbi Steps

There are ten targeted Donginbi steps within the Donginbi Cosmetics collection to promote health, vitality, and anti-aging.  Discover the beauty that ginseng has to offer to all those who value their youth skin.  There are ten steps to the Donginbi skincare routine.

The first step:  Oil Based Cleanser


The second step: Foaming Cleanser


The third step:  Exfoliater


The fourth step:  Softener


The fifth step:  Essence


The sixth step:  Emulsion


The seventh step:  Oil


The eighth step:  Cream


The ninth step:  Eye Cream


The tenth step:  Sun-Care Product

Each of these Donginbi Cosmetics steps offers a significant and unique benefit to the vitality and health of the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and also poses as the anatomic barrier utilized by the immune system to prevent invaders such as bacteria and viruses from causing illness. 


The Donginbi Cosmetics line contains multiple items that each have their own individual focus on promoting skincare. The Donginbi 1899 Signature Oil is the patented blend of 1899 Tech Red Ginseng Oil which focuses on improving skin moisturization while promoting skin firmness. This, in turn, allows for a reduction in wrinkles and the promotion of a luminous glow.

This specific 1899 Signature Oil contains the highest quality of Ginseng Oil that contains natural oils that add to that lightweight finish. Included in this specific formula are essential fatty acids and many antioxidants that focus on creating a skin that is full of nourishment while creating that youthful glow and soft skin that is so often associated with that fountain of youth that is so deeply sought after. 

Donginbi Red Ginseng Power Repair Cream

The Donginbi Red Ginseng Power Repair Cream is part of the Donginbi 1899 Cosmetic line that contains some of the purest Red Ginseng Oil. This premium face cream is a perfect face cream to accentuate facial contours and promote a smooth more sculpted look that promotes youth and rejuvenation. 


The Donginbi Cosmetic collection contains many products that focus on integrating pure Red Ginseng Oil in such a way to promote youth and skin rejuvenation. There are many steps to ensuring that the youthful glow can be attainable despite one’s age with the appropriate natural ingredients.


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