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In today’s fast-paced world, we often need healthy and sustainable ways to boost our energy levels and focus.

Coffee and energy drinks gives a quick boost of energy and are small bandages over a bigger problem. They are loaded with harmful ingredients and large amounts of caffeine and are linked to addiction and serious long term health issues.

In addition to a well balanced diet, support your busy lifestyle by ensuring your body receives the nutrients it craves. Korean Red Ginseng is known to be an all natural energy boost, so you can go the extra mile without putting harmful ingredients into your body. Studies have shown that Korean Red Ginseng helps to relieve physical fatigue by reducing total reactive oxygen species levels.

Get energized with caffeine-free energy today.

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CheongKwanJang honors Korean heritage through blending art, craft and science to achieve optimal efficacy. CheongKwanJang's Korean Red Ginseng have been allowed to mature for a full six years to maximize the level of ginsenosides. As Korea’s leading ginseng company, we strive to bring health to the world by providing the best, traditionally harvested, most carefully selected Korean Red Ginseng products to support health and well-being.

KORESELECT by CheongKwanJang, Time tested solution of Six year Grown Ginseng to boost your stamina, health, wellness. Discover the Ginseng World with KORESELECT-2

How Korean Ginseng Helps with Your Energy

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Antifatigue effect of Korean Red Ginseng

A Clinical Trial conducted in China 2021 finds out Korean Red Ginseng is helpful on relieving physical fatigue

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Cognitive Improvement from Korean Red Ginseng

A Clinical Trial conducted in South Korea with Ginseng shows that Ginseng has significant cognition enhancing effect

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Immunity Improvement from Korean Red Ginseng

Due to its richness in Antioxidants and its Adaptogen feature, Panax Ginseng is considered as Immunity Fighter

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Healthy Blood Circulation from Korean Red Ginseng

Due to its Adaptogen feature, Panax Korean Red Ginseng helps maintaining normal blood circulation

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