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接骨木果免疫增强胶囊含人参 - 是选择的

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接骨木果免疫增强胶囊含人参 - 是选择的


多年来,人们一直在寻找增强免疫系统的方法。有些人求助于自然疗法,而另一些人则依赖现代医学。但是现在,有一种抵抗感染和疾病的新方法——KORESELECT 接骨木果与人参胶囊。

这种 6 合 1 免疫助推器是一种经过时间考验的天然草药成分混合物,有助于支持您的免疫健康。素食胶囊由接骨木浆果、人参、紫锥菊、生姜、灵芝制成,所有这些都富含抗氧化剂,用于支持免疫力和抗炎。这种胶囊中的高锌含量提供了最方便的方式来食用经过验证的成分来增强您的免疫力。

所以不要再等了,今天就订购您的 KORESELECT 接骨木果加人参胶囊,明天开始感觉更好!





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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Sarita Loves Living
I Like These So Far

Seems to do what it is purported to do without negative side effects. No bad aftertaste, easy to take, and great value. Will order again.

A customer
Sealed properly.

If you get a cold, it’s best to take them right away and it helps fight the infection off from a cold

Convenient immunity booster.

These pills are an easy and convenient way to get in some excellent immunity boosting supplements every day or as needed. The pills were easy to swallow and I did not notice any adverse effects. My only complaint is that some of the “other ingredients” are ones I am unaccustomed to seeing on my vitamin and supplement bottles, so I will need to do a bit of research on them to feel more confident about regular usage. Otherwise, I am pleased with these.

Muy buenas si funcionan!!

Trabaja muy bien ,cuando me e sentido mal estas con unas 25 gotas de equinácea muy buenas

Mimi St
Elderberry with Zinc!

I have previously taken Elderberry but I love about this product is that it also includes Zinc, Ginger, Ginseng and Echinacea for additional immune boost!Pill is easy to swallow and I did not notice any aftertaste which is great plus for me. Price is also great. The only thing serving size is 2 pills which I don't particularly like.Bonus points - I haven't gotten any sickness while taking it! Yay!



By purchasing your CheongKwanJang products directly from Korean Ginseng Corporation, you are assured of getting a product that is at all times handled properly according to manufacturer’s recommendations. At this time, we do not ship outside of the United States.

All orders are normally shipped out within 1 business day. Please note, we can only ship to physical addresses and not P.O. boxes at this time.


Our Mission

To make people’s lives better everyday by providing them with the best, traditionally harvested, most carefully selected Korean Red Ginseng products to support health and well-being. We give our all for the sake of our customers, so they can face any challenges in life.


Renowned worldwide, Korea Ginseng Corporation(KGC), with its subsidiary lines CheongKwanJang and Koreselect, is the #1 brand of ginseng, with over 120 years of horticultural and scientific expertise.

Vertically-integrated, we specialize in the cultivation, harvest, and preparation of the world’s finest red ginseng, a more efficacious form of ginseng, conducting 293 quality and safety tests in the course of each production cycle. Every year we devote over two hundred researchers and 20 million dollars to the science of ginseng. All KGC brands use the most exceptional ginseng combined with the finest herbs and ingredients to deliver superior products to meet everyone’s needs.

Each of our CheongKwanJang products is certified by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Food and Science to feature only premium ginseng extract, from the roots of plants that have been allowed to mature for the full six years required for optimal results.


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