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How to Moisturize Dry Flaky Hands

How to Moisturize Dry Flaky Hands

February, like January, is traditionally a cold month all over the country, making rough and cracked hands a common problem. This is because the lack of moisture in the cold air contributes to dehydrating the skin. But aside from environmental conditions, workplace and skin conditions may cause dryness too, making it a chronic problem for some.

Whatever the cause may be, there are easy and effective ways to moisturize dry, flaky hands. Just follow the tips below so you can get supple, baby-soft hands in no time.

Moisturize your hands.

Moisturize your hands

Apply lotion several times a day to seal moisture into the skin. But for severe dryness, you would need quality creams specially formulated for rough hands. One effective product is the Donginbi Red Ginseng Essential Care Hand Balm. This balm with a soft velvety texture is made of the best Korean red ginseng butter, shea butter, and ginkgo biloba. Its unique and effective formula drapes the skin with a protective film, preventing further moisture loss for a firmer and younger look.

Give your hands an overnight treatment.

An effective way to nourish parched and cracked hands is to generously apply moisturizing hand balm then cover them with socks or cotton mittens. Ziplock bags will also do the trick, and use rubber bands to secure them at the wrists. Doing so will trap the moisturizer, making your skin absorb the hand balm more fully.

Wear gloves.

Wear gloves

Protect your hands from more damage by wearing gloves. Remember that prevention is always the best treatment. So if you’re doing some household cleaning or gardening, always remember to wear gloves. As for the type of gloves to wear, go with leather or cotton because the vinyl ones can damage dry skin even more.

Use organic soaps.

Use organic soaps

Soaps with sulfates, parabens, and preservatives are very drying to the skin, while the foaming antibacterial soaps strip off the skin’s natural oils. With that said, switch your regular bar soap to organic ones; instead, those made without any synthetic fragrances and other harmful chemicals. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly.

Treat your hands with oats.

Treat your hands with oats

Lastly, you can treat your hands with raw or cooked oats. Oats are great for dry, itchy, and flaky skin. All you have to do is mix some up with warm jojoba oil in a basin large enough to fit both hands. Then, soak your hands in the warm mixture for about 15 minutes. If jojoba oil is not available, warm olive oil will do. Once done, pat dry with a clean cotton towel. 

The takeaway:

The takeaway

Do not forget to moisturize your hands with hand balm or lotion at least once a day, even after the cold months. As long as you keep them nourished with a quality product, like Donginbi Red Ginseng Essential Care Hand Balm, you are sure going to treat and prevent dry hands.

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