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Top Ingredients of Korea Ginseng Corp. Products

Top Ingredients of Korea Ginseng Corp. Products

Learn more about the most commonly used ingredients of Korea Ginseng Corp. products besides the super herb, Korean red ginseng.

Korea Ginseng Corp. is a globally-known ginseng company based in South Korea that sells various Korean red ginseng products under the brand names, CheongKwanJang (ginseng supplements), Good Base (ginseng drinks), and Donginbi (ginseng skincare). The company prides itself on using only the best Korean red ginseng that has been grown for six years to make sure the roots reach their maximum maturity and efficacy.

Aside from Korean red ginseng, all of KGC’s products under the three brands, also use various other “power ingredients” to make sure they are more effective in giving health and wellness benefits.

Get to know each of these ingredients and learn how they support a healthy body, mind, and overall well-being:

Deer Antler

Antlers of deer raised in a stress-free New Zealand environment are carefully selected under an eight-step quality control process and produced with high-end technology. This ingredient gives the following benefits:

Supports a healthy immune system

Provides strength and endurance

Helps with the treatment of high cholesterol and high blood pressure

Angelica Root

Angelica is a plant also commonly known as garden angelica, which is cultivated for its sweetly scented edible stems and roots. The roots, seeds, and fruit are used to make medicine. KGC uses the roots for its products as they provide the following:

Supports healthy digestive functions

Promotes healthy blood circulation

Supports healthy liver functions


Rehmannia is a flowering plant endemic in China. It is commonly used in herbal combinations used in traditional Chinese medicine because of the following properties:

Promotes healthy bronchial functions

Gives a rapid analeptic effect to help with depression and ADHD symptoms

Helps with articulation


Reishi is a mushroom with a fan-like appearance, popularly used in Eastern medicine, and is believed to help with cancer symptoms. This fungus can do the following:

Control blood sugar levels

Promote heart health

Support a healthy immune system

Hovenia Dulcis

Hovenia Dulcis is also known as the Japanese raisin tree, or oriental raisin tree found over Eastern China and Korea. This ingredient gives the following benefits:

Supports liver protection functions

Promotes healthy urine production

Helps with fatigue recovery

Bai Zhu

Atractylodes macrocephala or Bai Zhu is a Chinese herb highly respected by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners for thousands of years. It is believed to help with stress, fight ulcers, and improve the immune system. Here are its other benefits:

Promotes healthy digestive functions

Supports healthy kidney function

Astragalus Propinquus

A flowering plant, Astragalus propinquus is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is most commonly used as a lung tonic but also provides other benefits:

Supports a healthy immune system

Controls blood sugar levels

Supports healthy kidney function


A type of parasitic fungus, Cordyceps lives on particular caterpillars in the high mountain regions of China. It’s known for helping with male sexual problems as well as the following:

Fights inflammation

Helps improve their physical exercise performance

Provides an anti-aging effect


Bai Shao or peony is a traditional Chinese remedy traditionally used to treat fever and pain. It can also do the following to the health:

Provides an anti-inflammatory effect

Supports a healthy bloodstream

Relieves depression symptoms

Officinalis Extract

Rosemary extract or officinalis extract is used for cooking, preservation of foods, cosmetics, or in herbal medicine for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Its other benefits include:

Supports healthy kidney functions

Provides stamina

Promotes healthy urine production


Jujube or Chinese dates are usually combined with other herbs to treat colds and the flu. This fruit contains many different healthy properties and provides the following health benefits:

Promotes healthy blood circulation

Improves bone density

Promotes good skin condition


Lastly, pomegranate is a known potent antioxidant. It is rich in flavonoids, simple organic acids, and other components. Pomegranates are also known to:

Help with cognitive functions

Have anti-inflammatory properties

Help treat high cholesterol

Despite the mentioned benefits of each power ingredient, it is important to remember that all CheongKwanJang, Good Base, and Donginbi ginseng products are not prevention or cure to any disease. It is also best to consult with a doctor before consuming ginseng supplements and drinks and applying ginseng skincare products to ensure your safety.

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