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Ginseng 101

Ginseng 101 Blog CheongKwanJang

Designed to be the ultimate guide to understanding everything needed to know about ginseng and its remarkable properties and benefits.

CheongKwanJang is a leading global brand specializing in premium Korean red ginseng products. As a pioneer in the ginseng industry for over a century.

Ginseng 101 Blogs

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Learn why this premium drink is a perfect gift for dads this Father’s Day.
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Overview of Korean Red Ginseng Health Properties
Immune Functioning Among Korean red ginseng’s most well-known attributes are its medicinal properties related to immune system health. Research lin...
Korean Red Ginseng, Immunity, and Allergies
Spring Bloom According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, spring is one of the most common seasons to contract a cold. The sprin...
Korean Red Ginseng and Allergies
Introduction Spring is the season for renewal. It is the time when we are able to come out of winter hibernation, smell the fresh air, and rejoin t...
Korea Ginseng Corporation Sponsored Genesis Open
The Genesis Open is among the most respected golf tournaments on the PGA TOUR. The tournament was held at historic Riviera Country Club on February...
Back To School Promotion Winner Announcement!
1st Prize (5 Winners - in 5 Rounds) : iPhone 7 CYZU6347, Hanyoung_____ - FIRST ROUND WINNER 902HWEYD, Agnes_____ - SECOND ROUND WINNER 2nd Pri...
4 Misconceptions About Korean Red Ginseng Debunked
4 Misconceptions About Korean Red Ginseng Debunked Korean red ginseng has attained the place of a world-renowned herb due to its many health benef...
Korean Red Ginseng for Boosting Libido and Treating Infertility in Men
Many of us possibly believe in the floating rumours that aphrodisiacs are mere mythical substances designed imaginatively to invoke sexual desires ...
Korean Red Ginseng for Strengthening Immunity & Enhanced Healing
An Introduction to the Miracle Herb- Korean Red Ginseng Korean Red Ginseng or Asian Ginseng is an herb that is predominantly found in Korea, China ...

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