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천녹톤 (홍삼 & 녹용) (70ml x 30 포)


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귀한 녹용을 담은 프리미엄 제품 천녹톤 정관장 천녹삼을 청정 환경에서 자란 건강한 사슴의 뿔만을 엄선하여 전통배합의 비밀과 정관장의 기술력, 정성을 더하여 활력 넘치는 건강한 삶을 위한 녹용제품입니다.



귀한 녹용을 담은 프리미엄 제품 천녹톤 정관장 천녹삼을 청정 환경에서 자란 건강한 사슴의 뿔만을 엄선하여 전통배합의 비밀과 정관장의 기술력, 정성을 더하여 활력 넘치는 건강한 삶을 위한 녹용제품입니다.

Product Facts

Product Facts

Cheon Nok Tonic: Red Ginseng & Deer Antler Velvet Premium

Cheon Nok Tonic

Cheon Nok Tonic

Symbol of Longevity

Deer is one of the animals painted in the traditional Korean artwork 'Ten Longevity Symbols,' along with the Turtle and Crane. For a long time, deer antler velvet has been recognized as a precious item as it symbolizes the deer of the ten longevity animals. The deer antler velvet, which has looked after the health of many former Kings from the Joseon Dynasty, has been newly born as 'Cheon Nok' to protect the health of modern men.

Enjoy Vitality & Health through deer antler velvet.

Deer antler velvet, which has overcome harsh weather conditions of nature through its tenacious vitality, is a precious ingredient which has protected people health for hundreds of years. The efficacy of deer antler velvet, which has been proved in traditional Asian medicine, is now also being proved through advanced modern technology.

'CheonNok' Tonic is a safe and credible deer antler velvet product.

Korea Ginseng Corporation(KGC) invests 20% of its annual profit every year in R&D to enhance the health of the Korean people. KGC also holds many outstanding research papers completed by 100 Masters & Doctors dedicated to research. 'CheongKwanJang' assures quality & safety. It has been developed by KGC R&D staff, manufactured at GMP certified facility and also passed through strict quality control system. (ISO2000, Halal, HACCP certified)

New Zealand Government's Management of the Deer Industry

An average of 7 deer freely inhabits in a natural environment, in an uncontaminated, clean New Zealand pasture the size of 20 football fields. In addition, the deer industry is considered a national industry, thus managed under the strict supervision to ensure only the best quality deer antlers are produced.

7 Steps of CheongKwanJang Quality Standards for 6-years-grown Korean Red Ginseng

  • Step 1 - Contract ProductionProduction contract with New Zealand's sole deer antler velvet production association 'PROVELCO'
  • Step 2 - Designation of FarmSelection & contracting from only the best farms to supply to KGC
  • Step 3 - Cutting and History ManagementCutting of product with participation of professional observer, Individual labeling of DINZ-Tag(New Zealand Deer Breeding Association) & Producer-Tag(Contracted Local Producer), Continuous management to ensure quality safety
  • Step 4 - Quality VerificationQuality grading by producer, KGC specialist to visit New Zealand and conduct internal quality grading with KGC-Tag, Prevention of Mixing
  • Step 5 - DryingKeep the highest quality through low-temperature vacuum drying method conducted by 'ROKLAND' company, a local drying company with 40 years know-how of deer antler velvet drying
  • Step 6 - Direct ImportPrompt shipment of dried antler velvet by air transportation, Complete examination by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for import clearance
  • Step 7 - Quality TestConduct KGC internal quality test, and use of ingredients which have passed quality test