There are many ways in which one can boost their immune system in a natural manner.  Some modalities to boost the immune system require bad habits that negatively impact the body to be stopped; while others require that the addition of supplements or other natural remedies be implemented to achieve immune success.  

Improving one’s own immune health can really help to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that plague our nation.  We can do this by finding ways to boost our own immune system. 


The immune system is the body’s protective mechanism to prevent the invasion by bacteria, viruses or other particulate matter.  The immune system protects the body from these invaders.  The immune system is composed of two different systems.  The first system is known as the innate immune system.  The second system is known as the adaptive or acquired immune system.  The innate immune system is the immune system that everyone has when they are born.  This immune system focuses on protective barriers that prevent the transmission of these bacteria and viruses.  Those protective barriers include the skin.  The adaptive or acquired immune system is just as it sounds, it is an acquired immunity.  The acquired immune system develops over time via exposure to outside pathogens via herd immunity and artificially via vaccinations.  The immune system is the reason that individual’s can fight off these infections and illnesses.  Therefore, it is imperative that the immune system be fully functional.  There are many ways one can boost the immune system via environmental and medicinal modalities (Newman, 2018).  


There are many ways in which we can take control of our health and boost our immune system.    First, it is imperative in order to boost one’s immune system that all habits or actions that work against the immune system be stopped.  For example, smoking has a serious effect on the human body and impedes the immune systems ability to function properly.  Therefore, one must stop smoking if he/she wishes for her immune system to work at its highest capability.  Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables while also maintaining a healthy weight can provide a boost of one’s immune system.  Increasing one’s exercise regimen also promotes immune health.  Drinking alcohol in moderation and maintaining a routine sleep awake cycle can also promote immune health.  Stress is also another trigger that fights against the immune health; therefore, finding ways to reduce one’s stress can promote immune health (How to boost your immune system, 2014).  

Korean Red Ginseng has many components within its composition that provide immune modulation.  The best Korean Red Ginseng is produced by Korea Ginseng Corp that takes 6 year old ginseng roots and extracts all the nutrients into consumable supplements.  

Korean Red Ginseng has many components that stimulate the immune system to activate and promote immune health.  There have been studies that have shown that Korean Red Ginseng and its immune modulating activity has helped individuals boost and support the immune system that helps fight off viruses.  Ginseng saponins or ginsenosides, are molecules found in Korean Red Ginseng roots that serves as a defense mechanism that defends the body from illnesses to support immune health. 

We have to take charge of our own health and maintain our immune system by focusing on removing those negative habits that impede our bodies natural function.  We have to take charge of our health and begin to supplement with natural medicinal products that stimulate the immune system.  Korean Red Ginseng offers these benefits and has been proven to boost the immune system.