Learn more about this ginseng supplement that can healthily boost your stamina levels.

Age comes with a lot of new physical challenges and body changes. For men, they tend to lose their stamina faster than they used to. This is especially the case for those with jobs that require endurance and stamina, like medical workers, military personnel, and construction workers, and athletes.

Energy drinks may help boost your performance and increase stamina, but drinking a lot of these caffeinated drinks can be detrimental to health.

So what is the best way to maintain high strength and stamina levels with no side effects? A natural ginseng supplement -- Koreselect Stamina.

Koreselect Stamina is a health supplement from CheongKwanJang’s Koreselect Collection created with potent Eastern Asian herbs and blended using cutting-edge technology to double their potency. Koreselect Stamina can help increase stamina levels without the crashing feeling effects of caffeinated energy drinks. It can give you naturally boosted health performance.

What is Koreselect Stamina made of?

Koreselect Stamina is made of the powdered extract of the best Korean red ginseng that has been matured for six years. Red ginseng has to be grown for that long to achieve its highest efficacy and potency. It is known to give various benefits to the body, including boosting stamina levels, supporting a healthy immune system, increasing energy levels, supporting healthy blood flow, and helping with brain functions.

Along with powdered red ginseng extract, each soft gel capsule of Koreselect Stamina also contains the following:

L-Arginine - helps with blood flow
Maca Extract - helps improve mood, boosts energy and endurance
Zinc - helps with immunity and enables the body to produce testosterone
Octacosanol - improves performance including strength, stamina, and reaction time

Why is Koreselect Stamina safe to consume every day?

Koreselect Stamina is safe to take every day because it contains no caffeine, unlike energy drinks. This ginseng supplement is non-GMO, which means that each capsule contains 100% pure ingredients that are not genetically modified.

It also takes pride in being GMP quality as Koreselect Stamina is produced according to the highest quality standards. And because it is a caffeine-free vegan supplement, you would not have to worry about annoying side effects.

It is recommended to take one soft gel capsule twice a day, preferably with meals.


Koreselect Stamina is available in a box of 30 veggie soft gel capsules. Shop Koreselect Stamina and other ginseng supplements from CheongKwanJang’s Koreselect Collections at KGCUS.com.