Korean Red Ginseng is a miracle herb and has benefits for your entire family.

What is ginseng? Most people would answer that it's a medicinal herb that grandpas and grandmas take to treat their aches and pains. But there is so much more behind this herb. Believe it or not, Korean red ginseng is actually beneficial to all members of the family, even if you are not of Asian culture. 

Get to know the benefits of red ginseng, this might be what your family needs. 

For the kids

Ginseng can boost the immune system, making it a great natural alternative to multivitamins for the kids. It is very effective in protecting against the flu as well as common cough and colds they might get in school or the playground. 

Although it is not a cure, red ginseng can also be beneficial for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). A study in 2011 found that Korean Red Ginseng may be effective in calming the symptoms of the disorder, as the subjects became less impulsive and distractible. 

Ginseng tea may have a powerful flavor, but you can make the little ones drink their daily dose by adding honey and milk, as well as tapioca pearls and pudding. You can also give them Korean red ginseng supplements for children that come in easy-to-open and on-the-go pouches. 

For the teens

Ginseng is known to improve brain functions like behavior, mood, and memory. In fact, a study in young adults who took 400 mg of ginseng for eight days have improved their mathematical skills and calmness.

Teenagers go through a lot of changes --- physically, socially, and emotionally. All these sometimes cause a difference in their behavior, become moody, and may not perform well in school. Taking their daily dose of the best Korean red ginseng tea may help them with these problems, along with a healthy lifestyle, and getting enough sleep.

For the parents

Working moms and dads usually have their plates full, especially if they have restless children or moody teenagers at home. The demands of work, family, and life itself can take their toll, which eventually leads to stress. If a person stays stressed out for long, it can do serious damage to their overall wellbeing.

 Aside from boosting the immune system, ginseng can effectively fight off tiredness and stress too. Korean red ginseng, in particular, is known to stimulate and relax the nervous system. Drinking a warm cup in the morning boosts your energy and helps prevent insomnia when drunk in the evening.


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