Hot in the US: Cheong-Kwan-Jang’s Masterpiece – Korean Red Ginseng

Over 112 years of Cheong-Kwan-Jang brand power has created huge demand, world-wide, including in the US, for the Korean red ginseng, produced by Korea Ginseng Corporation.  The result of this demand is that many low-quality copy-cat and professionally counterfeited products are victimizing unsuspecting customers.
As a precaution for the savvy shopper, it is highly recommended to buy your Cheong-Kwan-Jang ginseng at official Cheong-Kwan-Jang (CKJ) brand stores! (Find an official list of US brand stores on the “Contact” page of the regional website:
Recognizable brands cannot be created over-night. As consumers already well-understand the quality and brand power of CKJ there are already many counterfeited products in the market. Korea Ginseng Corporation’s high-end, best-of-class quality control systems, masterful insight, knowledge of customer needs, advanced technology, continuous research, and global marketing strategy has made the brand strength of CKJ possible. Known for its high efficacy and superior quality world-wide, CKJ branded products are guaranteed to use only ginseng grown for 6 years, the ideal growing period for a mature plant with maximal healthy components. This promise is why CKJ is the most well-known brand of 6-years-grown Korean red ginseng in the world.


Superior Quality Standards

Six-years-grown, Cheong-Kwan-Jang branded Korean red ginseng is known as the “King of Ginseng” for the traditional efficacies associated with high-quality, mature ginseng roots.  The traditional efficacies have been substantiated through modern, scientific research.  Korean red ginseng is extremely well-known for boosting the immune system, enhancing bodily energy and endurance, but it is also excellent for supporting blood circulation, and supporting memory functions.  All of these functions are not just claimed, but certified by the KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration) and supported by global research. Red ginseng is particularly desirable as it is specially processed in a natural manner for long-term storage (preventing spoiling, as opposed to white ginseng) and has a wider variety of healthy components than other ginsengs.
Although classified as traditional health supplement in the West, based on 300 published studies presented at the 2010 International Ginseng Symposium, the active healthy components of Korean ginseng help to resist the influenza virus and help to activate immune cells, which are essential in the body’s defenses against such serious illnesses as cancer, liver disease, diabetes, and stomach ulcers, suggesting the possibility of drug-like applications.
 CKJ-cultivated land: As mature ginseng must properly be grown for 6 years, land management is a critical aspect of planning to prevent cultivation in plantations stripped of nutrients – an area where lesser-known brands cheat.  Korea Ginseng Corporation, by contrast, makes land management a corner-stone of its CKJ ginseng production. When appropriate land is identified, it is allowed to lay fallow for an additional 1-2 years, during which time detailed testing occurs. Only when the land has passed all tests as a proper nutritionally-rich growing environment are CKJ ginseng seedlings planted. So even when advertised as 6-years-grown, Korea Ginseng Corp. goes further, investing, on average, 7-8 years to produce each CKJ ginseng root, another reason CKJ is considered the best ginseng in the world.
The cultivation techniques to produce CKJ ginseng, include clean, safe and eco-friendly processes. Ginseng is weak against environmental changes and CKJ has very rigorous safety standards for checking for any toxic or disruptive materials. From seeding to commercial product, CKJ conducts in-depth quality assurance audits 7 times, each of which include comprehensive tests using specially developed technologies and 112 years of know-how, supported by a team of researchers and PhDs, which other ginseng companies cannot beat and a level of care unsurpassed by competitors.

A Masterpiece Born by Korea Ginseng Corporation

Having been in production and developed for over 112 years has transformed Cheong-Kwan-Jang ginseng into a masterpiece. Korean ginseng naturally offers more than 60 healthy active components for our body when it is cultivated in nutrient-rich lands and cared for meticulously through quality control.  Today’s CKJ red ginseng is the product of more than 30 years of continuous modern, scientific R&D focused on customer-interests and over a century of expertise. But the 150 researchers at Korea Ginseng Corporation’s Daeduk CKJ Ginseng Research Institute will not stop their efforts here, as ginseng research and product development continue in the new century.
CKJ red ginseng by Korea Ginseng Corporation: Korea Ginseng Corp. (KGC) is the world’s number one company in international Korean ginseng sales with a 70% market share and 21% of all health-supplement products in South Korea. People say that ginseng grows by the sounds of wind, by water and with the help of human hands. KGC’s mission is to maintain the pride of ginseng cultivation, a tradition that dates back over 2,000-years, by mastering traditional cultivation methods and improving on them for future generations.  KGC does this by investing more than USD$20 million, each year, into research and development, while forbidding GMO techniques.  KGC is a global health food company providing the world’s best ginseng to countries, including, the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam, and many more, expanding and strongly positioned as a global health-care company for the 21st century.
The global popularity of Korean ginseng: Long before Korean ginseng was well-known to the general public, people from the aristocratic, scientific and wealthy classes knew about, wrote about, and showed their love for ginseng, even calling it the “treasure from the Orient,” in the West. Both, King Louis XIV (the “Sun King”), and passionate philosopher, Jean-Jacques Russo, enjoyed and appreciated the health effects of ginseng. Pope Paul II loved ginseng so much that he made it popular around the Vatican. Russian novelist, Maxim Gorky, recovered from cigarette related disease while using ginseng and French president Mitterrand claimed that ginseng helped extend his life while living with a terminal cancer. The rock band, the Scorpions, came to Korea and purchased ginseng to support their active lifestyle.  And even one of the world’s top models, Naomi Campbell, is known to care for her body by using ginseng extract.         



Watch out for Counterfeits & Copy-Cats Containing Toxins 

US customers can buy world-famous Korean ginseng: Cheong-Kwan-Jang ginseng is now available in more than 40 countries world-wide and has established a North American regional office, supporting 25 brand stores. Customers can only be assured they are buying authentic CKJ products, when they purchase at the stores listed on the company’s website (, purchase through the website’s online store, or by calling 877-999-2304 for information. 

Counterfeits looks very similar with JKJ Red Ginseng: Since Cheong-Kwan-Jang is a Korean national brand, counterfeiters do make and try to sell highly-detailed counterfeited products and place them in local Asian markets and health supplement stores. This is not only illegal but these counterfeits may contain hazardous materials, as the counterfeiters care more about the packaging than the product. We can’t risk our health by buying those counterfeits. To ensure your purchase is authentic, it is strongly recommend that you purchase only from authorized CKJ brand stores, listed on the company website ( contact page) or by calling 877-99-2304.


Mystery of the “Masterpiece of Red Ginseng” continues: Cheong-Kwan-Jang is always thinking about the health of customers. That is why CKJ has been chosen as the number one brand in Korean health food year-after-year. CKJ has received 1st place in the Korean Industrial Brand Power Awards for 4 consecutive years in a row. Korea Ginseng Corporation has been picked for a Most Trusted Company award and the CKJ called a World-Class Millennium Product, in Korea. Korea Ginseng Corporation is doing its best to thank its customers for their trust and appreciation, and KGC will continue to pioneer Korean red ginseng and quality Korean health supplements around the world.  





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