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KGC News

Korean President Park Geun-hye presented KGC's heaven grade ginseng to Chinese President Xi Jinping as a gift

Jul 09, 2014

Korean, Chinese leaders attend special lunch, economic forumPresident Park Geun-hy...


Why is six-year-old red ginseng best?

Jun 03, 2014

Why is six-year-old red ginseng best?By Kim Tae-gyuBUYEO — After being washed tw...



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Hot in the US: Cheong-Kwan-Jang’s M...

Why is 6-Years-Grown Korean Re..

Why do advanced-nation East Asians -...

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Ginseng and Other Secrets of Asian Pow...


Enjoy a Cup of Ginseng Tea

Ginseng Extract Tea is a great way to take Ginseng, because it is absorbed into your body immediately. Like many natural herbs, Ginseng is a woody, dense root, and must be broken down (either by being ground into a powder or extra...